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is a keyboarding program that consists of a tutorial, reinforcement activities
susan — 2 years ago
Because it taught me a lot of stuff.
kalie — 2 years ago
This is awesome!
Bob — 2 years ago
It really improves children's progress and keeps them at a steady pace and not rushing while in the process. The one thing that I think bad about it is the improved keystroking. That sometimes be a little to long for children but everything else about it is great. Any parent or teacher should download this application if you are trying to help a child learn to type.
Abraham Rittenhouse — 2 years ago
It was so helpful for learning!
Teagan Flick — 2 years ago
This game is an awesome game for learning your typing skills it has me out a lot. Thank You Microtype 3.0
Ana├»s Pierre — 3 years ago
I use this at my Middle School, it's Okay, it's not the best but it does tell you which fingers to use. My favorite is Type To Learn 3.
Sarah Moore — 3 years ago
I love Microtype 3.0 and I use it at school all the time.
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