MicroType 4.2

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No specific info about version 4.2. Please visit the main page of MicroType on Software Informer.

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    Guest 18 days ago

    Hope that everyone enjoys this app!!

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    Guest 22 days ago

    And now that I've taught you a lesson, maybe next time you'll leave rude comments off. Conversation over. You're not even worth arguing with. Just know it's stupid to leave idiotic stuff like that. This is the result. You are so pathetic to leave that, I almost feel sorry for you. Almost.

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      Guest 13 days ago

      I'm so sorry it won't happen again

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        Guest 13 days ago

        That's what I thought. Thank you.

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    Guest Last month

    And your comebacks aren't really good. If I hadn't spelled "realize" wrong, you would have been lost for words. Not trying to be cheesy, but I'm just going to point that out to you. Read it really slow so you'll understand.

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