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No specific info about version 3.0. Please visit the main page of MicroType on Software Informer.

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    Ana├»s Pierre 6 days ago

    I use this at my Middle School, it's Okay, it's not the best but it does tell you which fingers to use. My favorite is Type To Learn 3.

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    Guest 6 days ago

    I did this in school and it think it's helpful for kids who don't type well. I was in that same boat.

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    Guest 16 days ago

    I use this at my computer class and I just started today and at home I got 19 GWAM!

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      Guest 13 hours ago

      I am not a big fan of this. My fingers have a mind of their own. And my eyes wander so we all have to use keyboard covers. But it definitely helps!

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