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Publisher's description

The MicroType software is a keyboarding program that consists of a tutorial, reinforcement activities, educational games, and a word processor. All of these components are combined in one comprehensive package that will help the student to master the basic keyboarding skills.

This application also includes a new feature called Web Reporter, which enables the student’s distance-learning program by allowing the instructor to access the student’s keyboarding reports through the Internet.
Alphabetic Keyboarding — Includes 20 lessons that teach the alphabetic keys, shift keys, SPACE BAR, ENTER/RETURN, CAPS LOCK, TAB, and the basic punctuation keys. Every lesson includes several different activities to learn new keys, combine keys, improve keystroking, and build skill.

The Key-A-Shot game challenges the student to improve his/her keyboarding skills. A Lesson Report reflects the student’s performance for each activity.

Numeric Keyboarding — These 16 lessons teach the top-row number keys and the more commonly used symbols. The Numeric Keyboarding section provides the same basic activities as the Alphabetic Keyboarding module. However, the activities that emphasize on building skill include both sentences and paragraphs for the student to key.

He/she can also access the Timed Writings feature from the lesson menu to analyze his/her progress. The Connect It game allows him/her to earn game time by keying drill lines

Keyboarding Skill Builder – In these 25 lessons, the student can improve his/her keyboarding speed and control after he/she learns the alphabetic and numeric key reach. The student can also choose to work on improving speed or accuracy. Also included in these 25 lessons are 5 Assessment lessons that will analyze errors and prescribe the focus mode (Speed or Accuracy) based on the student’s performance for lessons in Keyboarding Skill Builder.

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    Guest 5 days ago

    yes it kind of is it helps kinda of

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    Guest 11 days ago

    I think that this app is good for people to learn how to type to get them ready for a college, university, high school, and sometimes even middle school.

  • 0
    Guest Last month

    It is the worst thing in life that you could ever down load. I am a student and my teacher does not even teach us, why is it getting paid?

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      Guest Last month

      What? This program is amazing! I'm a student and we use it I key 166 WPM so I think it's AWESOME!

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        Guest 4 days ago

        Yeah, I type so freaking fast and I can only type 73 WPM.

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